History of Sports in Scotland

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How droll too the unstudied exaggeration of the recent convert, but devoted zealot to the seductions of golf, that most fascinating of Scottish games. The staid, rotund, and eminently respectable sportsman, had just driven the ball into an utterly impracticable ‘bunker,’ and his fruitless endeavours to extricate it had caused him quite to forget his long-acquired propriety. In fact, he had just indulged in the hitherto rare luxury of ‘a good round sweir.’ Pausing a moment, while his pricking conscience accused him, he blurted out with most comical contrition and self justification…

‘Weel, sirss, I couldna help it! I began gowf a Christian man, but, hech me, it’s fair turnin’ me intil a blaspheemin’ sinner!’

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