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Parochiales Scotiae

The Antiquities Ecclesiastical and Territorial of
the Parishes of Scotland

When this Work was first
projected, nothing more was proposed than to collect the earliest
mention of each parish church, the dedication to its patron saint, the
nature and tenure of the benefice, and its value as found in the ancient
church taxations; the chapels, hospitals, and minor foundations within
its territory. The recent printing of a great body of Chartularies, the
registers and records of the ancient bishoprics and monasteries of
Scotland—hitherto inaccessible, had induced the compiler to attempt a
Parochial classification of the ecclesiastical antiquities and
statistics which they contained. But in drawing from these sources,
other matters often presented themselves of such utility and interest,
that it was impossible to exclude them. There were proofs of the
earliest settlements of laymen, instructive descriptions of old
boundaries, traces of an aboriginal population disappearing, and of the
rapid colonization of their successors, indications of the modes of
living among all classes at a very early period. Such things could not
be rejected in the account of a parish, and these, with notices of the
descent of lands and fragments of territorial history, have extended the
Work far beyond the original plan.

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History of Scottish Seals
By Walter de Gray Birch, LLD., F.S.A.,
Late of the British Museum (1905)

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