The Works of Robert Burns


Robert Burns – The Peoples Poet – BBC Documentary
Writer Andrew O’Hagan asks what made Robert Burns one of the world’s favourite poets. He travels through the landscape of modern Scotland in a poetic journey to the places that inspired Burns and to discover the story of his wild and dramatic life.

Robert Burns – Work, Sex and Drink
A man of three great passions, love, art and drink, Robert Burns is a poet whose work is known and celebrated around the world. Angus Simpson introduces an evening of live performance dedicated to the great Scottish poet and ladies man. Contemporary Scottish folk acts perform some of Burns’ most well known songs and poems in front of a live studio audience.

Robert Burns: Of A’ The Airts
A stunning piece of vintage film portraying the lives and pastimes of the people of Ayrshire, birthplace of the famous Scots poet Robert Burns. A wonderful montage set to some of the Bard’s most famous works of poetry, verse and song, it’s an intimate portrait of life in the 50’s and a fine tribute to the man whose work was created there two centuries before.

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