Scottish/Celtic Music

  • Electric Scotland Community
    You can watch loads of videos of artists and groups within our community and taking out a free membership you can add information on your own favourite artists.
  • Listen to Scottish Community Radio from Australia
    We have some 50 x 40 minute shows for you to listen to all with a great collection of Scottish music. Jock has been the Scottish DJ in Australia for loads of years and he puts together his shows and then tapes them for us to record onto the site. You’ll also find a 14 episode compilation of the “Saga of Scotland”.
  • Scots Language, Poems and Stories in Real Audio
    Since around the year 2000 the Scots Independent Newspaper have been producing real audio productions of Scots words that you will read in any of the many Burns poems. They have also been reading many poems and stories for you to listen to as well as special productions of a Burns supper and Tartan Day tributes.
  • Scots Minstrelsie: A National Monument of Scottish Song
    A 6 volume collection of Scottish songs along with the sheet music for each song.
  • The Scottish Songs
    Collected and Illustrated by Robert Chambers (1829)
  • Poems by the Bard of Banff
    These are recordings of his poems
  • A Little Breath of Scotland
    A weekly radio show from Ontario, Canada from Dennis Snowdon who has been hosting the show for some 44 years. You can now listen to his weekly podcast at any time during the week.
  • Radio Programs from Scotland
    I discovered some Scottish radio programs and snippets on the Internet Archive so here are some of them to listen to…

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