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Lillian Beckwith
She went to live in the Hebrides before the Second World War and stayed for nearly twenty years. Her hilarious initiation into crofting life is captured in the heart-warming book The Hills Is Lonely. She acquired her own cottage, and living and working on her own croft gave rise to her series of magical Hebridean books such as The Sea for Breakfast.

Diana Gabaldon
Known for her deft characterization and relentless devotion to detail, Diana Gabaldon’s highly touted Outlander series follows Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser and Jamie Fraser through their time-traveling adventures. Traversing such notable locales as the heathered highlands of 18th-century Scotland, Claire and Jamie find love amidst kilt-clad warriors in Outlander and continue their relationship well into the 20th century, thanks to the time-travel tilt.

Nigel Tranter
Best known for his historical novels on mainly Scottish subjects, he has also written in other areas such as novels of the American West, as well as on Scottish Architecture where he produced the definitive 5 volume Fortified House in Scotland. A tremendously prolific author, he wrote over 130 books.

Fitzroy MacLean
And what a magnificent recounter he was–but always, if possible, with good food and drink. On his extraordinary travels, even in old age, he carried a tube of anchovy paste, a flask of vodka and four small silver cups. “At a pinch,” he would tell friends, “you can always find a piece of dry bread to put some anchovy paste on, and if you have three or four noggins of vodka you have a party straight away–which is good for morale.”

Raymond Campbell Paterson
An excellent historical writer where we profile some of his books and articles.

Alastair’s Science Fiction and Fantasy Page
As a counter to all the history I read in my daily working life I read Science Fiction & Fantasy for relaxation. Here I am listing a few of my favourite authors.

Jack Bode
A little known Sci-Fi writer that I came across in Canada and in my opinion deserves much greater recognition.