Agriculture and Wildlife

Over the years we have added information on Scottish wild life and plants and so this page is to provide you with links to these resources on Electric Scotland. We’ve also provided considerable information on Agriculture in Scotland and that has it’s own section which you can get to below.

Scottish Highlands
Steve Backshall looks at the Scottish Highlands, home to some of the most iconic wildlife in the British Isles. The two contrasting landscapes of open moor and Caledonian forest are both crucially important to their wild inhabitants and yet the history of the Highlands show that they shouldn’t exist side by side. Steve guides us through the landscape and reveals the surprising part that humans have to play in allowing both habitats to thrive, thereby keeping this corner of the British Isles wild.

External Links

  • National Botanic Gardens of Scotland
    This is where you can find a good database about the plants of Scotland
  • Scottish Natural Heritage
    Our task is to secure the conservation and enhancement of Scotland’s unique and precious natural heritage – the wildlife, the habitats and the landscapes which have evolved in Scotland through the long partnership between people and nature
  • Scottish Wildlife Trust
    With conservation at the heart of the organisation, we are committed to giving homes, a voice and access to wildlife.